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Look beyond conventional skin care routines to find Introstem, an exciting range of products that embraces the wonders of stem cell technology. This line combines the advanced science of stem cells with highly beneficial ingredients that can really make a difference in caring for your skin. Plant stem cells are said to prevent collagen breakdown, and have anti-inflammatory and cytoprotective (cell protecting) properties. More specifically, the Vitis Vinifera Fruit Cell Extract is high in powerful anti-oxidants and vitamins to give your skin the best possible all round benefits. Introstem enables you to rejuvenate your appearance by easing away the look of wrinkles, dark spots, and fine lines.

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We often pay attention to the kind of makeup we use and the clothes we wear, but what about the way our skin looks? One of the more important components to looking fashionable and well put together is beautiful skin, this is where a good skin care routine comes into play. A skin care routine needs the right ingredients in order to be effective, look beyond conventional skin care routines to give our skin that something extra. Introstem offers an outstanding range of products which not only use stem cell technology, but also include some of the very best ingredients from the world of skin care. Read on to find out more about the ingredients contained in this amazing collection and discover just what makes these ingredients so special.

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I simply love the texture of this eye cream. It is not sticky and a little bit of the product is more than enough for the entire eye area. I think two drops are all you need. I have used them for a week, and I can vouch for the fact that they do treat the issue they concentrate on – dark circles. I have tried a few other products in the past, but none of them offered such instant results. I am very impressed with Introstem and hope to try more of their products real soon.

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This moisturizer has been a god send. I have frequent acne breakouts and I also have dry skin. Sounds funny right? I mean how cursed would I have to be to get that combination!!! Anyhow, ever since I began using this moisturizer, my dry skin issues have substantially reduced. The product has nurtured my skin’s clarity and it looks much more hydrated now. The scaly spots have all but disappeared and the breakouts also seem to be lesser. I think this is why stem cells has been termed as the new skin care revolution!

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I just love the stem cell activation serum from Introstem! Its one of the easiest serums to use and it works way better than many other serums I have used in the past. I came across the brand by chance and had decided that if this didn’t work out, I would simply give up on improving the way my skin looked. But it has actually made such a visible difference! The lines and wrinkles have totally reduced and my face feels fuller and more hydrated. I will certainly buy again.

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I have been using the Introstem night serum for a week and my skin feels very smooth and soft. I have suffered from oily skin for most of my life and recently saw a few dry patches appear on my face. I few lines also sprung up. Wasn’t petrified, but I was desperate for something which reduced these issues. Since I added this serum into my night routine, skin care has become so much easier. The entire face feels way smoother and the patches have tremendously reduced. I will certainly continue using this serum.

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    Introstem Perecting Syringe for the eyes is amazing! Yael from SoapStories in Key West, FL helped me find this product and as a male and at the age of 51 its helped me every day with each use in the morning. I’m in medicine and even I can’t believe how much younger I look each time I use it! I’ve reordered it twice now in the last three months.

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    Patti scalise

    When I was in Key West,I went into the store with my daughter Pam. This nice guy wanted me to try
    his product. I was skeptical at first but after being there for an hour trying these products in my
    skin,he keep saying Wow! My daughter also couldn’t believe the difference in my skin. I also happen
    to be 65byears old even though people think I am in my 40’s! Your products are a god send and
    I was soooo happy with the results,bought the eye cream since I have dark circles and the moisturizer.
    I hope other people also try your products because you made me a very satisfied customer!!
    Thank you.
    Patti Scalise

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