About Us


After years of research and experimentation, researchers managed to place stem cells and skin care in the same sentence. Stem cells are the basic building blocks of the skin. They are responsible for replacing diseased cells and exchanging damaged skin cells with new ones. As the body starts aging, these stem cells become less potent, and the skin isn’t able to rejuvenate itself like it once used to. This often leads to issues such as fine lines and aging.

Adding stem cells into a skin care regimen allows skin to tap into the potency of these miraculous compounds in order to renew an aging or tired looking appearance. Once experts discovered that stem cell extracts could boost anti-aging efforts and diminish the signs of aging, there was no stopping this ingredient from getting into mainstream skin care products.

Introstem’s quest for eternal beauty and unparalleled luxury takes us beyond standard skin care processes and treatments. We add the most luxurious ingredients in each product formulation to make our skin care products, creams, serums, cleansers, exfoliators and masks perform with unparalleled benefits and our commitment to quality skin care makes us one of the top choices for some of the most sophisticated women around the world.

By making use of cutting edge technology and combining it with the highest quality, time proven skin care ingredients, Introstem has not only been successful in infusing products with the nutrient-rich energies of natural compounds, but has also makes the most of scientifically proven ingredients which offer solutions for the skin care needs of our customer base.

Introstem’s exclusive products help fulfill skin care dreams of revitalized and rejuvenated looks and high quality ingredients ensure the delivery of some of the most age defying and active solutions deep into the skin. Within a few applications of these products, you should automatically start seeing a difference. The days become happier and the nights more peaceful, when you realize that you’ve finally managed to transform your skin into something else.

Conventional solutions are a great way of taking care of your skin, but modern day lifestyles and increased pollution levels often demand something extra. Introstem gives you a way of looking beyond conventional routines and introducing amazing products that have been formulated using stem cell technology and outstanding skin care ingredients into your skin care routine. Our products strike that perfect balance between traditional ingredients and the advanced science of stem cells in order to really make you feel a difference when it comes to loving your skin.

To provide one of the most comprehensive solutions for your skin care, the Introstem collection contains a combination of 8 unique skin care products.

  • The Stem Cell Refining Peeling gives your skin a gentle yet powerful cleanse and leaves it feeling refreshed.
  • The Stem Cell Night Rejuvenation Serum is a powerful serum that lets you feel refreshed and soft when you wake up the next morning.
  • The Stem Cell Defining Eye Serum assists in giving your eye area a plumper feel. It contains ingredients which leave your eyes looking younger and feeling energized.
  • The Stem Cell Perfecting Syringe (Coming Soon) is a fascinating non-invasive technique that has been infused with outstanding ingredients which work to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • The Stem Cell Vibrant Day Moisturizer comes with a beautiful symphony of hydrating ingredients which help your skin achieve a more relaxed and softer look.
  • The Stem Cell Energizing Mask is one of the most luxurious Introstem products to add into your skin care routine. This refreshing mask has with a unique heating effect which promotes a boost of energy and a refreshed feeling.
  • The Stem Cell Dark Circle Eye Cream features with some of the finest skin care ingredients which offer proven benefits when it comes to assisting with under eye circles.
  • Finally, the Stem Cell Reviving Facial and Eye Mask has been developed using ingredients like lavender oil and collagen to provide your skin with some truly exquisite care.