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Man’s quest for ageless beauty started with the Egyptian civilization. It continued in the capable hands of Ponce De Leon and has currently fallen into the lap of modern day science.

The very first human stem cells that were examined by researchers were embryonic stem cells that were donated by fertilization labs. Ethical concerns of using such cells soon led experts to search for newer alternatives. Within a short period of time, science showed that non-embryonic stem cells and plant stem cells could also be extracted and used to for various medical applications as well as applications in the world of skin care.

Ever since then, the world of skin care simply hasn’t been the same. With every passing day, new are completed that delve deeper into the positive effects that stem cells have to offer to the world of skin care. Many experts have touted the discovery of stem cells for skin care as the next big thing after collagen. What makes stem cells so special is that they contain two key components – proteins, that regulate the stem cell division, and growth factors, that play a key role in the growth of new cells, cell division and production of elastin and collagen.

To harness the powers of stem cells to their fullest, Introstem experts combined their valuable properties with proven anti-aging ingredients to offer customers some of the best and most advanced solutions that the world of skin care has ever seen.  Add Introstem into your life to enjoy skin that is immune to time and fortify your looks against the constant ravages of aging factors.

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    I recently tried a sampling of this product while in Key West. It was the most amazing product and almost instantaneously removed under eye dark circles and firmed my skin making it appear younger and less stressed and tired looking. However, I felt that the product was very pricey, especially for a retired teacher. But, I loved it.

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