Skin Care Tips

Welcome to the world of stem cells. Introstem caters to customers searching for a luxurious route to a more flawless appearance as well as those dreaming of defying the aging process. Each of our products has been formulated using powerful ingredients, semi-precious extracts, rich antioxidants and stem cells, all known for their beautifying and age-defying properties.

How to Use
All Introstem product boxes have general guidelines explaining proper product usage, so you always have the information nearby. In addition to this information, Introstem also offers in-depth how to use instructions together with product descriptions on this website. If you’re still confused about the best ways to add Introstem products into your skin care regimen, do get in touch with an Introstem skin specialist. Our highly trained specialists shall help you devise the perfect skin care routine, taking into consideration your skin type and skin issues.

Skin Care Tips
The following are a few simple beauty tips that are a must for any skin care routine. Taking care of these little things can make skin care even more pleasurable and effective, and also ensure that you see visible results faster.

  • Refresh your skin. The first thing to do when you start off with your skin care regimen is to refresh your skin. The perfect way of feeling refreshed is to cleanse your skin. This also makes your skin care routine doubly effective by giving you a clean palette to work with.
  • Lightest products first. The simple rule of skin care is that the lightest products always go first. Start off with serums before applying creams and moisturizers. This allows the products to penetrate deeper and lets the creams absorb better.
  • Rejuvenate your skin. Relieve your skin of the signs of aging and banish tired looks by choosing the right facial masks for your skin. Remember to use these opulent treatments before your moisturizers as directed.

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