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Max out your benefits by joining the Introstem wholesale program. Introstem products have been formulated for luxury clientele, those who demand nothing but the best and most effective skin care. Our products are transformational, they offer a feeling of luxury and opulence as well as product formulas with highly beneficial skin ingredients such as retinyl palmitate, collagen and chamomile, in combination with our signature ingredient, stem cells.

Whether you’re new to the world of skin care or have managed to grab a firm footing on the path to success, the Introstem wholesale program is an excellent investment. Engaging your client with the right product knowledge and unparalleled service is critical to your success, but it is equally important to offer your customers products that are high quality and valuable for them. To make things simpler, Introstem also features different program levels so that you can find something that perfectly suits your particular requirements.

Introstem Pricing and Order Quantities
The biggest advantage of choosing the Introstem wholesale program is that our low minimum order requirements are always bound to be a perfect fit for your organizational needs. We make buying extremely easy for small businesses as well as large enterprises, and our wholesale programs are entirely customized according to your needs.

Introstem Wholesale
In order to apply for your very own Introstem wholesale account, all you have to do is fill out the wholesale form given below to the best of your knowledge. An Introstem representative shall get back to you at the earliest with solutions that have been specially customized for you.

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