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Your skin is the largest and the most visible organ of your body. It gets damaged and repairs itself on a daily basis and is also known to change its characteristics from time to time. This means that your skin care journey should always changing, adjusting itself to meet the demands of your skin. Since skin care often tends to be complicated, Introstem is here to help.

Question – Do I need sun protection, even if I plan to be at work all day?
Yes, sun protection is one of the most basic aspects of skin care. Almost 80% of premature skin aging can be attributed to sun damage, even while you’re indoors. Most people forget that the UV rays of the sun can penetrate through windows and glass cubicles and still cause the same amount of damage. This means that you need constant protection from the sun, all 365 days of the year, even when you plan to stay indoors.

Question – Why are eye creams and serums so important for my daily routine?
The signs of aging are extremely apparent around the eye area. The skin around your eyes is very delicate and super thin. This makes it extremely prone to aging. The blood vessels become more visible over time, and this reveals hollow eyes and dark circles. Eye creams and serums protect the sensitive skin around your eyes and keep telltale signs of aging – crow’s feet, lines and wrinkles – at bay.

Question – How should one layer Introstem products?
There is one simple rule that you need to follow while applying your skin care products – the lightest products always go first. This means that you start off with the serums and gels and then move on to middleweight lotions and heavier sunscreens. Introstem recommends you to wait for a minute or 2 before applying the next product to give your skin adequate time to absorb the previous product.

Question – I am not sure about my skin type?
People often experience different skin types over time. Things like allergies, climatic conditions, ailments, hormones, stress and sun damage can affect your skin, and force you to experience issues that are usually seen in people with different types of skin. For example, you might have oily skin and still experience breakouts or dry patches. As a golden rule, always seek expert opinion while selecting products for your skin. To choose the right Introstem products, all you need to do is get in touch with our skin experts.

Question – I usually don’t wear any makeup. Do I still need a cleanser?
Absolutely. Cleansing is not only the first step of any skin care routine, it is also the most important step. The skin gets exposed to free radicals, dirt particles and pollutants daily.  To make things worse, your skin continues shedding millions of dead skin cells on a regular basis as well. Without a proper cleansing routine, all these unwanted elements would simply remain stuck to the outermost layer of your skin, and you certainly don’t want that. Apart from giving you a flaky, dirty and ashy appearance, they also lead to a breakdown of elastin and collagen and cause irreparable damage.

Question – Can my diet affect my appearance or my skin?
Yes. Lack of sleep, lack of exercise, lack of water, excessive alcohol and improper diet all have an effect on how you look and feel. The body takes longer to digest fatty food and this becomes quite evident on your skin. Eating too much of the wrong food items could cause your pores to become more open, irritate your sebaceous glands and make your skin look dull. Introstem recommends concentrating on all 3 aspects of proper skin care – exercise, diet and a good skin care regimen.

Question – Do you have anything for my dark circles?
Many of the best skin care lines offer products which focus on lightening the appearance of your dark circles, and Introstem is no different. Modern-day technology allows the skin care world to aid in the treatment of dark circles, and depending on your issue, you should be able to find something just perfect. Introstem offers the Stem Cell Dark Circle Eye Cream, a product that has been formulated using ingredients such as vitamins A and E and caffeine to give your eye area a younger and brighter look.

Question – How should I exfoliate?
Exfoliation is an important aspect of any skin care regimen. Exfoliating helps you to remove the dead skin cells from the outermost surface of your skin, give you an even-looking appearance and help make other products penetrate more readily. Use our Stem Cell Refining Peeling 1 – 2 times per week to offer skin deep exfoliation without irritating it.

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