At Introstem, we are devoted to providing skincare products that deliver tangible results. Our balanced formulas are gentle yet effective, combining star ingredients grape stem cell extract and hemp seed oil with proven botanicals, antioxidants, and humectants. We believe that maintaining beautiful, healthy skin requires a three-pronged approach; targeting genetics, environment, and behavior.


Certain aspects of our skin’s appearance are the result of inherited traits. Just as an example, dark undereye circles or crow’s feet may appear sooner or prominently for some than others. While skincare currently cannot claim to alter your DNA, certain skincare products can help to minimize the look of some undesired conditions caused by genetic predisposition.



Sun, climate, and air quality are just some of the environmental factors that can influence skin’s health and appearance. Diligent use of antioxidant-rich skin care and SPF is essential for skin protection. Leaving skin vulnerable to the elements can weaken its ability to heal and lead to more pronounced signs of aging, dryness, irritation, and damage.


Daily lifestyle habits and behaviors can have an enormous impact on the quality and health of skin. Skin’s natural barrier requires a delicate balance to remain healthy and high functioning. Maintaining a daily skin care regimen helps to protect the skin, keeping it clean and hydrated. Avoiding certain lifestyle habits like smoking or a poor diet is beneficial for the skin as well.




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At Introstem, we are devoted to providing skin care products that deliver tangible results. Our balanced formulas are gentle yet effective, combining star ingredients grape stem cell extract and hemp seed oil with proven botanicals and antioxidants.


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