Ingredient Spotlight: Grape Stem Cell Extract

Grapes and extract

Ingredient Spotlight: Grape Stem Cell Extract

Vitis Vinifera Fruit Cell Extract, better known as Grape Stem Cell Extract, is a magnificent ingredient that can help nourish, heal, and improve your complexion in a revolutionary manner. Grape Stem Cell Extract has a unique influence on skin in the way that it is able to protect and replenish our own skin cells for a regenerative effect. This ingredient, and many other plant-based stem cell extracts, are being heavily researched due to the massive potential they have in skincare.

Could Grape Stem Cell Extract be the new holy grail in skincare?

We think so. Explore Grape Stem Cell Extract and learn all about why this ingredient is a must-have on everyone’s shelf.

What is Grape Stem Cell Extract?

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Grapes are originally from Asia; however, they have spread across the world due to their popularity in the food industry. Currently, Italy is the largest producer followed by France and then the United States. It’s interesting to note that while the United States is third-largest producer, they are also the number one largest importer. This could be due to their growing demand in the cosmetic industry.

The health benefits of grapes have been noted since old-world times.

Science has proven the anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antifungal qualities when consumed, but how can we utilize this in skin care?

We are not the first to think of this application. In ancient Egypt, they used ointments made from grapes to treat skin diseases. People have also been using grapeseed oil on their skin and in their diet. Only recently, within the last decade, have studies dug deeper to find better, more effective ways to use grapes for our advantage. One of these being stem cell research.

How does it work?

The stem cells are found in the formative tissue of the plant, specifically the meristems. This part of the plant is made up of small cells that are capable of dividing indefinitely or producing all the different cells found in the plant. The primary point of extraction occurs from the tip of the plant shoot and the tip of the root because those areas are constantly growing and have the highest concentration of material.

Grape Stem Cells for cosmetics can be extracted by microreproduction. The stem cells will then divide into either two duplicate cells with identical attributes, one duplication and one alteration, or two stem cells with different attributes. The alterations can be managed through selective benefit adjustments to craft the ideal ingredient structure.

Vitis Vinifera has been the most widely studied and proven botanical source of stem cells.

How is Grape Stem Cell Extract Harvested?

Grape Stem Cell Extract is harvested in a manner that grants distinct advantages over its more common (and less beneficial) predecessor, Grape Seed Extract. Vitis Vinifera Fruit Cell Extract does not suffer from many of the shortcomings of normal plant-based extracts in the fact that it’s primarily handled in a laboratory environment.

Some of the advantages of the lab setting and stem cell extract harvesting process include:

  • Sterilization – Since the stem cell extraction process takes place in a lab, this guarantees a controlled and sterile environment.
  • Less Resource Consumption – Lab extract means minimal amounts of stress are placed upon the environment, no additional land space consumption, reduced waste production, and less water usage.
  • Constant Stream of Fresh Extracts – Grape Stem Cell Extract production is not dependent on growth seasons, or weather.
  • Guaranteed Purity— Lab-produced Grape Stem Cell Extract can be controlled for quality and reproduced without the use of pesticides.
  • Benefit Flexibility – The stem cell extracts can face alterations and undergo adjustments to fit very specific needs.

First it is decided what part of the plant to take the stem cells from, for example, the root. Next, the plant is cut causing it to send stem cells to the area to form a callus or an abnormal growth with the potential to develop roots, shoots, or, ultimately, a whole new plant.

Those unique stem cells are then taken and moved to agar plates. After that, the cells are grown in a highly controlled environment. The rest of the process includes high pressure, cell membrane digestion, and the release of its contents. These contents are what extracts are made of and the active materials are highly beneficial for the human body.

This technique makes the use of natural ingredients like Grape Stem Cell Extract not only possible, but also environmentally friendly.

What are the Benefits of Grape Stem Cell Extract?

Grapes next to dropper with grape oil

Scientists and physicians have been researching and taking advantage of many plant properties for centuries. With the advances in technology, they have increasingly been able to discern the exact content that we can get the most benefit from. Plants naturally produce protective chemicals and have processes to help them resist diseases and damage.

Grape Stem Cell Extract in particular has a high concentration of these powerful properties. Among these are phenolic compounds, anthocyanins, proanthocyanins, and peptides.

While the stem cells themselves are not alive, what is inside of them is used to bolster our skin health. When used in cosmetics, the exact compounds needed to protect and assist your own body’s regenerative process are isolated and utilized.

The adult stem cells in your body replicate themselves and create new cells, but they can only do this a certain number of times. As you age this process slows as the rate of new cells being produced declines.

Grape Stem Cell Extract is a rich source of antioxidants that help regenerate your skin and help maintain adult skin cell production to fight aging. Not only does this powerful antioxidant protect against free radical damage, it can also bond with the protein, collagen, making it more effective. This can mitigate signs of aging as well by promoting smooth, firm, and hydrated skin.

An estimated 80% of damaged and aged skin is from exposure to ultraviolet rays. As a result, toxins and free radicals (unstable atoms) become imbalanced with antioxidants causing damage and destroying the adult cells needed to keep your skin healthy and revitalized. This is called oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress has been linked to more than just skin damage which is why it is very important to guard against it.

Studies have shown that Grape Stem Cell Extract is significantly more adept at fighting free radicals than Vitamins C and E. Using Vitis Vinifera Fruit Cell Extract along with sunscreen can maximize your protection against the long-term effects of UV radiation and oxidative stress.

Is Grape Stem Cell Extract For Me?

The signs of damaged and aging skin are usually fairly easy to spot. Most people can pinpoint areas they feel could be improved with a quick glance in the mirror:

  • Dark spots
  • Wrinkles
  • Redness
  • Dehydration
  • Sensitivities
  • Crepiness
  • Inflammation

These are all pretty good indicators that your skin is compromised by age or damage.

Stem cells are continuously working to renew your skin through homeostasis (self regulation and balance) and wound repair. Since this process is compromised by UV exposure and slowed by age, the use of Grape Stem Cell Extract in your skin care regimen can be extremely beneficial.

No matter the age of your skin, Grape Seed Stem Cell Extract can help improve the health of your skin by stimulating and regenerating its natural process. Vitis Vinifera Fruit Cell Extract has the ability to promote the healthy cell growth and production your skin needs.

The ways that Grape Stem Cell Extract can improve your complexion health are numerous…

  • Dark Spot Fading – Fade dark spots from acne and sun exposure by the renewal of skin cells and additional UV blocking abilities that prevent additional melanin production
  • Prevent and Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles – Stabilize collagen in the complexion for increased skin flexibility that helps skin bounce back from damage
  • Soothing – Reduce red tones and calm irritation with the natural antioxidants found in Grape Stem Cell Extracts

Where Can I Find Grape Stem Cell Extract?

Woman applying cleanser to face

If you need authentic, carefully extracted Grape Stem Cell, we at Introstem provide a specially curated line of balanced beauty products containing Grape Stem Cell Extract.

Many of our cosmetic items contain this valuable ingredient combined with other complementary factors. Some of the products include: Cleanser, toner, masks, serum, face and neck cream, body butter, scrubs, and many more.  We work to combine the most effective elements to meet the needs of every person looking to improve their skin health.

If you’d like to build your own routine based on Grape Stem Cell Extract technology, we have some recommendations:

Stem Cell Mousse Cleanser

Every morning and evening routine should begin with an effective, gentle cleanser. The Stem Cell Mousse Cleanser produces a mild lather that extracts impurities from pores and cleanses away makeup for a fresh finish. Organic aloe aids in hydrating and increasing the skin calming effects of Grape Stem Cell Extract.

Stem Cell Vitamin C Serum

Reduce and prevent dark spots while renewing your skin cells with a combination of Grape Stem Cell Extract and Vitamin C. The Stem Cell Vitamin C Serum helps you achieve a healthy, natural glow without clogging pores.

Stem Cell Day Moisturizer

Prep and protect your skin for the day with exquisite moisturization. Shea Butter caresses the complexion with natural vitamins and gives the skin a supple, smooth texture complimented by the rejuvenative effects of Grape Stem Cell Extract.  The Stem Cell Day Moisturizer aids in surface reconstruction to enhance your natural beauty.

Lumi-Cell Overnight Mask

Give your complexion a once-a-week deep conditioning treatment with the Lumi-Cell Overnight Mask. Formulated with a blend of natural botanicals, your skin is infused with a variety of vitamins and nutrients. Sodium Hyaluronate depots hydration directly into pores to increase moisture reserves and rebuild damaged barriers.

How Do I Incorporate Grape Stem Cell Extract into My Routine?

The production of cosmetic and health commodities with Grape Stem Cell Extract is revolutionizing the beauty industry. It can be added to almost every step of a balanced skincare routine.

With consistent use, there should be a noticeable difference in healing and the effects of fine lines and wrinkles. From cleansers and toners to masks and moisturizers, you can incorporate it into almost any step of your process!

As always, be sure and spot test any product for sensitivities. Wait 24 hours to be sure you do not have any reactions to any of the ingredients. If your skin has any sensitivities there are always alternatives to try.

It is important to note that products containing any kind of stem cell extract needs to be stored with the utmost care to retain the virtue of the contents.  In order to keep stem cell extract enhanced skincare in its best condition, it is recommended to store it in a dark, cool, dry location.

What’s Does the Future Hold for Grape Stem Cell Extract?

Plants have been used for health and vitality since ancient times. Now, with modern science, we are beginning to not only know the why, but the how as to why nature is so effective in helping humans heal and remain healthy throughout their life.

Using the wisdom of the past and the advances of today we can look for further solutions to specific problems. Among the concerns that people bring to the cosmetic industry and what they look to science to solve are premature aging and protection from sun damage. By paying special attention to the potential plant stem cells have for the reproduction of our own skin cells, the main goal for the future will be figuring out how to get live stem cells into beauty and health products and applying them in the most effective way. 

Certain plant stem cells are unique in that they are characterized with totipotency, the ability of one cell to divide and form all the different cell types in an organism. This allows plants to build new organs throughout their life span. If scientists are able to discover an application for human skin the benefits would be monumental! The use of plant-derived stem cells is still in the early stages of study but the promise of what can be achieved is exciting!

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