9 Things You Never Knew About Exfoliation

Woman exfoliating face

9 Things You Never Knew About Exfoliation

Exfoliation comes in many forms. There are delicious, deeply satisfying head-to-toe scrubs and intimidating exfoliating toners that leave your skin with a bright glow. But no matter your weapon of choice for exfoliating, the benefits are incredible.

For many die-hard skincare fans, exfoliation is a non-negotiable step of their routine. It may just be a once- or twice-a-week step, but the effect it leaves on your complexion is immense. Some will even argue that exfoliation is the uncontested key to radiant, younger-looking skin.

But cleansing your skin of gunk and grime to make it look brighter isn’t the only thing exfoliants do. There are a handful of other benefits they provide — many of which skincare beginners cannot yet appreciate.

Do you believe you know everything about exfoliation? Think again. Join Introstem as we share some surprising benefits and facts about exfoliation — plus some fun facts about the best Introstem facial peeling scrub!

The Basics of Exfoliation

Woman exfoliating face

Most people know exfoliation as a deep-cleansing step that clears your skin of any stubborn grime and debris, and they’re not wrong. With the use of a scrub, brush, or any product with granules, you can buff away all the dirt and build-up suffocating your skin.

A lot of experienced skincare junkies prefer exfoliating acid toners. However, physical scrubs are friendlier to newbies who are afraid of accidentally irritating their skin. While both work fine on any skin type, soothing, grainy scrubs give more immediate results.

Those with oily, acne-prone skin turn to exfoliation because it’s a great way to unclog your pores. Once you get into the habit of exfoliating, you’ll notice that you develop fewer pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. Needless to say, exfoliating is a must for your skin to look clear and smooth.

You’ll also find exfoliating useful if you suffer from the appearance of hyperpigmentation or rough-feeling skin. Exfoliating helps leave your skin looking smoother, brighter, and more even in the long run.

But all these advantages are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to exfoliation. While giving your skin a fresh, clean slate is its biggest contribution to your routine, there is also so much more to learn and understand about it to get the most out of its benefits.

Your New Favorite Exfoliating Scrub

Picking out an exfoliator can be nerve-wracking, especially since there are way too many options in the market today. But if you’re looking for one that’s gentle, moisturizing, and formulated with the best vitamins and botanicals, you might want to check out Introstem’s Stem Cell Facial Peeling.

Introstem Facial Peeling

This exfoliator doubles as a facial wash, and helps refresh the feel of your skin by cleansing it deeply. It’s infused with nut shell powder to help buff away gunk and flaky skin without stripping your skin of the natural moisture it needs to look firm, plump, and dewy.

The Stem Cell Facial Peeling is also infused with grape stem cells — an innovative skincare ingredient that delays the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and other visible signs of aging.

This Introstem facial peeling scrub is also formulated with hydrating botanicals like bamboo extracts, organic coconut oil, and green tea. These soothe and moisturize the feel of the skin, which you’ll need after a thorough exfoliation.

You can also get your daily dose of skin vitamins from the Stem Cell Facial Peeling, since it’s infused with vitamins A, E, and C. 

Exfoliation is the Best Way to Shed Dead Skin

Exfoliation is the key to removing dead skin that builds up on your skin over time. This is one of the most basic things about exfoliation, but many people overlook it because they focus on its other benefits instead.

By exfoliating with the Introstem facial peeling scrub, you help eliminate all of those dead cells building up. This leaves you with a brighter-looking complexion in the long run.

Plant-Based Exfoliators Are Better for Your Skin

Natural skincare ingredients

Many exfoliators sound a bit scary because they’re filled to the brim with chemicals you can’t pronounce or plastic micro-beads that are overly rough and abrasive. If you’re looking for something more gentle but just as powerful, turn to plant-based ingredients instead for your exfoliating scrubs.

Botanical skincare ingredients have always been known for boosting your skin’s natural glow and radiance, so it makes sense that naturally derived enzymes and extracts make for excellent exfoliators. These include fine grains like sugar and oats, as well as plant-derived acids like mandelic acid.

Plastic micro-beads are bad for the environment and can be too abrasive on your skin, while many chemical acids can be too harsh. So if you have sensitive skin, it might be wise to opt for a scrub with natural ingredients instead.

If you want to exfoliate while enjoying fantastic plant-derived ingredients, try Introstem’s Stem Cell Facial Peeling. Not only does this Introstem facial peeling scrub utilize fine nut shell powder to help you slough off your dead skin, but it’s also packed with plant extracts and fruit stem cells to hydrate, brighten, and strengthen the look and feel of your skin.

Exfoliation Fights the Visible Signs of Skin-Aging

Having dead skin, grime, and dirt accumulate on your skin can speed up the onset of visible wrinkles and fine lines. Cleansing helps get rid of the nasty impurities on your skin. However, when they’re too stubborn, exfoliating with the Introstem facial peeling scrub is the best way to help buff them away.

Exfoliation is effective at fighting the visible signs of skin aging. This is because it prevents the appearance of lines and wrinkles from appearing too early in your complexion. So next time you’re anxious about losing that youthful look in your skin, grab that Introstem facial peeling scrub and get to work.

Exfoliation is Not Just For Your Face

Woman exfoliating back

You can’t just neglect the rest of your body and focus your exfoliation on your face. Use a scrub to slough off dead skin in nooks and crannies where sweat and grime can accumulate. The ankles and between the elbows are commonly-missed areas. 

You’ll also want to focus exfoliating on areas of skin that are exposed to the sun often. 

So next time you’re using your Stem Cell Facial Peeling, make sure you extend your scrubbing to your neck and decolletage to show those areas some love, too.

Using an Abrasive Scrub Can Cause Micro-Tears

But exfoliating has its downside too. This is especially the case when you get carried away with how rough you scrub your face. When you use a scrub with granules that are too large and jagged, like crushed-up fruit seeds, they may scratch at your skin and create little wounds known as “micro-tears.”

That’s why we’re proud to say that our Stem Cell Facial Peeling Scrub is made of fine and gentle granules from nut shells. We’ll never use anything that’s too abrasive for your delicate skin. They’re powerful enough to slough off all the impurities from your skin without causing lesions on your complexion.

It’s Better to Exfoliate in the Morning

Most people use their most intense actives in their nighttime routine, so piling on the added layer of an exfoliating scrub might be too much for skin in the evening. Instead, try to use your scrub in the morning to avoid any potential inflammation.

Plus, you likely use your best serums and creams at night so they can absorb into your skin as you sleep. This can leave a lot of grease and gunk on your skin when you wake up the next day. Exfoliating your face in the morning can get rid of all that congestion.

Scrubbing away dead skin and excess sebum from your face also creates a nice, smooth canvas for putting on your makeup. This is another excellent reason to save your Stem Cell Facial Peeling for the morning.

Exfoliating Helps Your Skin Absorb Products Better

One plus of letting your skin breathe and removing the dead skin and impurities clogging your complexion is better absorption of your skincare products.

Because nothing is blocking their path in the top layer of your skin, your creams and serums will penetrate deeper into your skin as opposed to just sitting on top of it.

So after using your Introstem facial peeling scrub, make sure to slather on the best, most moisturizing products you have. It’s a great way to make the most of your skincare products while maximizing the benefits of your Stem Cell Facial Peeling Scrub.

Introstem cream

Exfoliation Helps Eliminate and Prevent Ingrown Hairs

If you have coarse, curly hair, you probably deal with annoying ingrown hairs that grow in different areas of your body. You get ingrown hairs when you have a small strand of hair that grows sideways, leaving you with a painful bump that resembles a pimple by your hair follicle.

By exfoliating with the Introstem facial peeling scrub before shaving or waxing your skin, you’ll prevent ingrown hairs from sprouting. This is because your hair follicles won’t be as clogged. As a result, your hair can grow in the right direction without any blockages.

You Can End Up Over-Exfoliating Your Skin

Hasn’t anyone told you that too much of anything is simply too much? Yes, exfoliating has tremendous benefits on your skin. However, you have to remember that there’s always the possibility of over-exfoliating.

Some people love exfoliating so much that they tend to go on overdrive. But if you use too much of your favorite exfoliator (even one as gentle as our Stem Cell Facial Peeling scrub), you could end up with skin that looks and feels red, inflamed, and oversensitive skin.

When you exfoliate way too frequently, you could be rubbing your skin raw. This can create a burning sensation on your face, leading to more dryness, flaking, and a degree of pain. 

This can lead to the appearance of wrinkles, acne, dullness, and more.

That said, make sure you pull the reins and stick to exfoliating only one or two times a week, no matter how satisfying that Introstem facial peeling mask may feel!


Exfoliation isn’t just all about cleansing and getting rid of stubborn debris on your skin. It’s so much more than that, and hopefully, these nine quick facts have helped open your eyes to that.

It may seem scary to start exfoliating as a skincare newbie, but if you have a top-notch scrub like our Stem Cell Facial Peeling, you’ll have nothing to worry about. It’s gentle enough not to pull at your skin, helps get rid of dead skin and grime, and is packed with vitamins for a youthful radiance.

So what are you waiting for? Add this Introstem facial peeling scrub to your skincare wishlist now and enjoy all the skin-loving benefits (both big and small) exfoliation has to offer.

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