6 Summer Skincare Essentials You Need to Be Using

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6 Summer Skincare Essentials You Need to Be Using

With the summer here, we want to do everything we can to stay in the best of health on the inside and the outside. This includes keeping the condition of our skin at the highest level possible. As fun and carefree as the summer can be, we still do well to protect ourselves as much as we can.

This means stocking up on summer-loving skincare products to keep our skin armed and ready! Let Introstem be there every step of the way to ensure you get the most effective products available.

Great-looking skin for the summer means Introstem for summer. Here are the top 8 products by Introstem that are excellent to use during the summer season!

Stem Cell Vitamin C Serum

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Perhaps you’re already knowledgable about the incredible benefits that adding a serum into your skincare routine can bring. If not, no worries! Introstem’s Stem Cell Vitamin C Serum is the perfect addition to take your skin to the next level. This serum is especially geared for individuals who have suffered from the appearance of sun damage and are looking to reduce it. This serum is most beneficial when used daily and at night.

Ingredients like Vitamin A, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, and our incredibly formulated Grape Stem Cell extract make this serum an essential summertime product. What makes serums so effective is how concentrated they are and this Introstem serum is no different. 

Stem Cell Day Moisturizer

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We might have forgotten to mention that Introstem for summer also means MOISTURE for summer. We can’t stress enough how important it is to keep your skin moisturized during the warmer months. Moisture is important all year round but especially during the extreme seasons: summer and winter. Introstem’s Stem Cell Day Moisturizer is the perfect moisturizer to use right under your favorite SPF.

We love this moisturizer because of its carefully curated ingredients. We’ve got Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Glycerin and more. Keep your skin feeling supple and smooth with this incredibly rich moisturizer.

Stem Cell Night Repair

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We know that some of you work outside during the summer and you need to keep your skin feeling protected, while also doing everything you can to prevent any issues from coming up. Environmental stressors are at an all-time high during the summer so we want to take every precaution we can! Our Stem Cell Night Repair cream is what you need.

Use at night to leave your skin feeling fortified and ready for the next day. Formulated with our Grape Stem Cell Extract, essential fatty acids, and Green Tea extract, this Introstem for summer cream is fantastic for those who want a complexion that looks refreshed and rejuvenated.

Stem Cell Rejuvenating Eye Cream

Introstem Eye Cream

Don’t forget your eyes! 

Sun exposure and the overall extremeness of the summer can leave our eye area extremely dry and tired-looking. Keep your eye area looking hydrated and feeling great with our Rejuvenating Eye Cream!

The skin around the eyes is extremely delicate, which furthers the need for added protection during the summer. Our blend of Grape Stem Cell extract, glycerin, and caffeine gives you a youthful look while keeping your eye area feeling hydrated and soft.

It’s best to use this eye cream twice a day, in the morning and at night.

Stem Cell Exfoliating Scrub

Introstem exfoliant

Exfoliating the skin is very important and it takes on a new meaning during the summer. It’s a careful balance of sloughing off our dead skin while not sloughing off too much and possibly resulting in skin that looks dry and scaly. The key to a great summertime scrub is the right amount of moisture and gentle abrasiveness. We never want to be too rough on our skin no matter what the season!

A great Introstem for summer skincare routine definitely includes our Stem Cell Exfoliating Scrub. Created with Vitamin E and fine salt to effectively but gently exfoliate your skin, this scrub should be included in your routine year-round to keep your skin looking smooth and soft.

Stem Cell Body Butter


Our Stem Cell Body Butter is the perfect complement to our Exfoliating Scrub. Lock in all that moisture with our Body Butter formulated with Glycerin and Argan Oil.

We love using Glycerin to help keep our skin hydrated because it acts as a humectant. This means that it has moisture-binding properties. When applied topically, the skin is able to keep moisture inside and stay hydrated. 

Introstem’s Top Summer Skincare Tips

Now that we know the best Introstem for summer products to have under our belts let’s take a look at some helpful summer tips to keep our skin in tip-top condition! 


We already know which part of the skincare routine is stressed so much. Yep, SPF. Now, more than ever, it is very important for EVERYONE to include SPF in the skincare regimen. SPF has the ability to block the harmful sun rays that can greatly damage our skin over time even possibly resulting in skin cancer.

Make sure to include SPF in your routine every day, even if you’re not going outside. You also want to wait around thirty minutes before heading outside to allow the SPF to absorb into the skin properly. In addition to SPF, protective clothing is also great to add. Don’t be afraid to don a cute hat or visor!


Woman drinking water

Our bodies are made up of 70% water, so keeping our bodies moisturized and hydrated is super important! This is especially true during the summer where we are at a higher likelihood to lose more water from our bodies as a whole.


Another important summer skincare practice is exfoliating. Make it a point to exfoliate your skin on a regular basis. This includes your face AND body! Understand your skin so you know how many times you should be exfoliating per week. More importantly, take note of your skin and how it changes once the summer is here. For some, they find that exfoliating three times a week instead of twice or once is more appropriate in the summer.

A powerful yet gentle exfoliating cleanser that Introstem carries is our Stem Cell Facial Peeling. This Introstem for summer product is excellent at smoothing the skin and revealing a refreshed-looking complexion.

Consistency is Key

Remember, regardless of whether you are tackling a certain skin issue or just getting your skin ready for the summer, consistency is the key to everything. Creating and maintaining a great skincare routine is what will keep your skin feeling protected and prepped in addition to helping resolve underlying skin issues.

Trust us, your skin loves consistent use of good, quality products. If you make it a point to be consistent with your regimen then you’ll see a brighter, healthier appearance over time for sure!

So, What’s the Bottom Line?

So, what’s all this mean? Well, hopefully, you’ve taken away the fact that summertime skincare is very important. Environmental damage is heightened during the summer, meaning a higher chance of visible wrinkles and a higher chance of skin feeling dried out.

Be good to yourself and to your skin by keeping it in good shape all year round, so that you only have to make a few minor tweaks when the summer approaches. It’s no problem to add a facial mist here or a higher SPF moisturizer there, but we don’t want to have to go out and buy a whole new skincare line!

Remember, what you intake is just as important as what you apply so be sure to keep drinking water and eating a well-balanced diet to promote wellness overall. 

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