The Future of Beauty: Trends and Innovations That Will Redefine the Industry

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The Future of Beauty: Trends and Innovations That Will Redefine the Industry

Some beauty trends come and go pretty quickly but others stick around for much longer, triggering movements that are capable of redefining the entire industry. If you’ve been wondering what the future looks like for the beauty world, read on as Introstem shares the latest beauty trends and innovations that are set to be true game-changers.

Natural and Organic

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the natural and organic movement is at the top of our list of beauty trends. For quite a few years now, consumers have been increasingly choosing to go down the natural skincare route. They hope to harness the sheer power that Mother Nature has to offer.

This trend is set to continue steamrolling its way through the industry. More and more brands are now incorporating natural and organic ingredients into their formulas. Many of those ingredients are then enhanced by the synthetic ingredients that they’re combined with.

This is something that Introstem has done since our earliest days. The grape stem cells that are infused into each one of our products brings an array of potent antioxidants to every Introstem formula. These are joined by a variety of botanicals. From green tea to shea butter to cucumber fruit extract, you’ll find a piece of nature in just about every Introstem product.

Pomegranate Extract

Lumi-Cell Overnight Mask

While all natural ingredients are having a moment, certain botanicals have become particularly popular. This has resulted in beauty trends that focus solely on them. Pomegranate extract is one of the hottest, with research showing that attention on this ingredient has been steadily rising. 

What’s so great about pomegranate extract? 

For starters, research confirms that applying the ingredient topically can help to reduce the appearance of UV damage in the skin. This is down to its high antioxidant content. Whether your UV damage is in the form of wrinkles, discoloration, sagging, or anything else, pomegranate extract will quickly have your skin looking healthier.

It’s also a great ingredient for soothing the feeling of inflammation in the skin while its natural vitamin C helps to brighten the complexion. It has hydrating capabilities too due to the natural sugars in the extract.

If you’d like to incorporate this botanical into your skincare routine, you’ll find it in the Introstem Lumi-Cell Overnight Mask. This is a leave-on mask, enabling your skin to really soak up the benefits of all of the natural extracts within. 

Sustainable Biotech

Many believe that natural ingredients are more sustainable than synthetic alternatives but, in actuality, this isn’t always true. Some natural ingredients can actually have a devastating environmental impact due to the way in which they’re grown or harvested. Others can only be found in certain parts of the world. This means that transporting them to the other end of the globe really adds to the overall carbon footprint of a product.

With sustainability being not only one of the most influential beauty trends at the moment but also a key trend across all industries, it only makes sense that sustainable biotech has been making waves in the skincare world. 

This is when natural ingredients are replicated in a lab. They’re produced to be identical to their natural counterparts on a molecular level. However, the fact that they can all be created under one roof with very few resources makes them much kinder to the environment.

LED Light Therapy

Jade Eye Device 1

Technology continues to play a hand in trends across all industries, adding a new dimension to people’s skincare efforts. It has transformed the beauty industry in many ways, with one being the introduction of at-home LED light therapy devices.

LED light therapy isn’t anything new. However, the ability to use this technology from the comfort of your own home has made this technology much more accessible. A few sessions a week are needed when you first begin using LED light therapy. Doing this at home rather than at your dermatologist’s office makes life much more convenient. At the same time, it also saves you some money.

Why turn to LED light therapy? Because it can help with just about every visible skin concern out there. From the appearance of aging to the look of dullness, discoloration, and inflammation, LED light therapy is capable of restoring your complexion to perfection.

At Introstem, we have two LED light therapy devices to choose from. The IntroLite Jade Eye Device will target any visible issues with the skin around your eyes while the HydroLight Neck Rejuvenation Device will ensure that the skin on your neck soon looks smoother, firmer, and brighter.


A few years ago, one of the biggest beauty trends around was the 10-step Korean skincare routine. People were following this religiously, believing that it was the best way to give their skin all that it needed.

However, things have now turned in the opposite direction. Skinimalism is taking over instead, with this trend seeing people cutting back on their skincare routines in a big way.

Skinimalism is all about being a minimalist with your skincare routine. It focuses on quality rather than quantity. It’s all about keeping your skincare routine as basic as possible, going with the ‘less is more’ approach. 

While there’s no denying that the 10-step Korean routine may have been beneficial for some, the majority of people are likely to see more success with the skinimalism trend. It’s so easy to overload your skin with multiple products and ingredients, which only interferes with how it functions. Keep things simple and your skin will likely respond in a very positive way.

Beauty Products For Men

Traditionally, the beauty industry has always been focused on women. Women have always been the main consumers of beauty products, but times are changing…

More and more men are now becoming interested in skincare and beauty. In fact, the market is set to grow to $110 billion by 2030, showing that this trend is going to continue to redefine the gender norms of the industry.

While men have been interested in skincare products for a few years now, makeup for men is also becoming increasingly popular. Many men are now seeking out ways to enhance their appearance and make their skin look younger, and beauty brands are responding accordingly!

A Full Body Glow

Stem Cell Exfoliating Scrub

Usually, when people talk about skincare, they’re referring to the face. The body tends to be treated as an afterthought and doesn’t receive the same lavish care that the face does.

However, recent beauty trends show that consumers are now paying more attention to the skin on their bodies. They’re purchasing high-quality body care products that are geared toward providing a head-to-toe glow.

If the skin on your body has been lacking lately, take a look at some of the body care products available from Introstem. Our VitisCell Exfoliating Scrub will immediately have your skin looking brighter and more radiant while our VitisCell Body Butter will leave your skin feeling ultra-smooth and touchably soft.

Gut Health

The skin-gut connection has been known for a while. The microbiome of your gut has a direct impact on the health of your other organs. This includes your skin, with your skin being your body’s largest organ. Gut issues are often the culprit behind many of the skin concerns that people face, from inflammation and redness to acne and eczema. With more and more studies confirming this, people are finally starting to listen.

So, how do you boost the health of your gut to, in turn, improve your complexion?

Probiotics are the best place to start. They’ll help to rebalance both your gut and your complexion, leaving you looking and feeling so much healthier. While probiotic supplements are available, these usually contain a limited range of probiotics. Ideally, you want to give your gut as many different probiotics as possible. So, try incorporating more fermented foods into your diet. They boast a huge selection of probiotics and chances are that you’ll enjoy the taste of many of them too!

Hormonal Skincare

Hormones heavily influence the skin. From the inflammation and acne experienced during puberty to the melasma that can occur during pregnancy to the thinning that takes place in the skin due to menopause, it’s almost surprising that, up until now, beauty trends haven’t exploited this connection.

However, this is another way in which the industry is slowly changing. Hormonal skincare is now taking center stage. Many brands are producing formulas designed specifically for the various stages in life where hormonal fluctuations are experienced. The interest in this sector is set to continue growing. This spells good news for those who have been struggling with hormone-related skin problems.

Sustainable Packaging

We’ve already talked about how the movement toward sustainability has affected the ingredients that are being used in skincare products. However, it doesn’t stop there. Consumers are trying to be as sustainable as possible in every aspect of their skincare routine. This includes the packaging that their chosen products come in.

The beauty industry is responsible for producing around 120 billion tonnes of packaging waste each year, and consumers no longer want any part in this. There are now so many eco-friendly alternatives available. These are often enough to sway consumers into choosing one product over another. 

Shop with Introstem and you won’t need to worry about this since we’ve always ensured that our packaging is recyclable!

Social Commerce

Social commerce has been growing steadily, with experts predicting that almost half of social media users will make a purchase on a social media platform at some point this year. While there are plenty of products being sold via social media, beauty products are among the most popular. 

This shift in buying habits will significantly influence how beauty brands use social media. They’ll now be spending more time driving engagement and leveraging their social media platforms to make more sales. This is one of the beauty trends that could really change the way in which beauty products are purchased by the general public!


There will always be new beauty trends emerging, but only some will have staying power. The trends that we’ve featured above are among those, each one providing a unique insight into how the industry is set to evolve over the coming years.

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