The Top 9 Trends For Clear Skin in 2024

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The Top 9 Trends For Clear Skin in 2024

Searching for some new ways to give your skin the radiant glow it deserves? 

We’ve got all of the inspiration that you could possibly need. Read on as Introstem shares the top nine skincare trends for 2024, each one chosen to help you to achieve beautifully clear skin that you can be truly proud of.

1. Barrier-Focused

ThermoStem Serum

The skin barrier has been receiving a large amount of attention in recent years (and rightly so!), and this is set to continue into 2024. If clear skin is what you’re hoping for, giving your skin barrier some TLC is definitely a good start.

After all, your skin barrier plays a key role in keeping your skin safe from environmental toxins, irritants, and other substances that you don’t want seeping into your skin’s layers. It also ensures that moisture remains trapped in the skin rather than evaporating away. Moisture is vital for your skin cells to function properly and look their best.

The problem is that there’s so much out there that damages this all-important barrier. From harsh weather to stress to using the wrong skincare products, barrier damage is, in some ways, unavoidable.

Fortunately, there are certain skincare ingredients available that can help to keep your skin barrier feeling strong and replenished. Peptides and sodium hyaluronate are at the top of the list, both of which can be found in the Introstem ThermoStem Serum. Treat your skin to this silky solution each day and it will soon feel healthier and more resilient when faced with potential damage.

2. Neck Tech

Jelessi-Neck Device

Skincare tech is nothing new – it has been utilized for years, both professionally and via at-home devices. However, most of those treatments and devices focused on the skin on the face, even though the skin on the neck is just as thin and delicate. This is why the neck is so prone to developing various skin concerns, from sagging to lines and wrinkles.

The good news is that things are changing. Skincare tech isn’t going anywhere but 2024 will see a much bigger focus placed on the neck. Consumers will have even more access to neck-focused devices. This will make it easier than ever to give the neck the love that it deserves.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on some neck tech, check out the HydroLight Neck Rejuvenation Device from Introstem. It makes use of LED technology, featuring three different wavelengths of LED light. Each one improves the complexion in its own way, from reducing the appearance of wrinkles and tightening the look of the skin to evening out the skin tone and fading the visibility of hyperpigmentation. It’s the epitome of cutting-edge neck tech!

3. Year-Round SPF

VitisCell Facial Shield SPF 30

It’s no secret that the sun can cause irreparable damage to the skin. Not only does it drastically accelerate the skin aging process, causing up to 80% of the fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots that appear on the face, but it also leads to the development of skin cancer. If you want clear skin, sun damage needs to be avoided at all costs.

This may be common knowledge but people tend to ignore it. Research shows that even on a sunny day, only 29% of women and 12.3% of men wear sunscreen. This means that the majority of people leave their skin unprotected. Those figures drop further during the winter months, even though UV rays are still present and harmful during the colder season.

Luckily, sunscreen formulas have been rapidly evolving, and 2024 is set to be the year when people finally become more diligent about year-round sun protection. Two of the biggest reasons why people don’t wear sunscreen is because it’s inconvenient and also doesn’t feel good on their skin. Skincare brands have managed to get around this, crafting SPF formulas that are not only convenient to use, but feel just like any other moisturizer when applied.

The Introstem VitisCell Facial Shield Cream SPF 30 is the perfect example. It’s a lightweight moisturizer that will also protect your skin from the sun. Apply this in the mornings instead of your regular moisturizer and your skin will be protected for the next couple of hours.

4. Skin Streaming

STem Cell Vitamin C Serum

Skin streaming became viral in 2023, and shows no signs of slowing down now that we’re into 2024. If you’ve been struggling to achieve clear skin with the mountain of skincare products that you apply each day, skin streaming could be exactly what you need in order to finally see some results.

Never heard of skin streaming before?

It simply involves streamlining your skincare routine, stripping it back to basics. Many people find that their skin benefits from the use of fewer products and ingredients. It also reduces your chances of developing irritation and sensitivities, not only from the products themselves but also from potentially mixing incompatible ingredients. Plus, it’s also a great way to save yourself some time and money!

What does a streamlined skincare routine consist of?

It starts with a cleanser, which many choose to then follow with a serum. Pick a multi-tasking formula, such as the Introstem Stem Cell Vitamin C Serum. It’s packed with antioxidants but it’s also great for hydrating the skin. Then, finish with the SPF moisturizer featured earlier or, if it’s evening, go with a rich night cream, just like the Introstem Stem Cell Night Repair.

5. All About Niacinamide 

Limited Edition

Each year sees a selection of skincare ingredients brought into the spotlight. They may not be new but the attention that’s placed on them brings them into the mainstream. Not only does this make more people aware of them but it also means that more and more skincare brands utilize those ingredients in order to cater to the new demand, making those ingredients much more accessible.

This year, one of the ‘it’ ingredients is niacinamide. Also known as vitamin B3, it’s a true superstar when it comes to the skin, in so many ways! It’s known for evening out the skin tone, reducing the appearance of skin aging, brightening the complexion, lightening the look of dark marks, and strengthening the feel of the skin barrier. It’s easy to see why niacinamide has been in the headlines lately!

With niacinamide also being a gentle ingredient, it can be incorporated into multiple stages of a skincare routine. With the Collagen Cooling Set Limited Edition, it’s easy to do just that. This set features three products, two of which contain niacinamide. It’ll also give your skin a number of other vitamins and antioxidants. This makes it a must-try if you’re aiming for clear skin.

6. Powerhouse Plants

Lumi Cell Overnight Mask

Natural ingredients have become more and more prevalent in skincare products in recent years. Not only is this going to remain the same in 2024, but you’ll likely also see a much greater variety of botanicals in the skincare products you buy.

From exotic herbs to humble ‘weeds’, plants are brimming with skin-loving phytochemicals. The right plant extracts could easily help you to diminish the visible skin concerns that you’re dealing with, restoring a healthy complexion.

At Introstem, you’ll find botanical ingredients in just about every single one of our products. The Lumi Cell Overnight Mask is particularly popular due to its multiple superfood extracts. Many of them, from chokeberry and noni to bilberry and maqui, aren’t commonly used in skincare products. This makes this mask fantastic for anyone who wants to treat their skin to a botanical buffet.

7. The Rise of Psychodermatology

While the right skincare products could help you to achieve clear skin, skin concerns sometimes run far deeper than the surface. This is what psychodermatology focuses on – the strong connection between the mind and the skin. It examines how certain mental conditions, such as stress and anxiety, can directly impact the skin, and vice versa.

While psychodermatology has always been treated as an individual field, 2024 will see it start to merge with regular dermatology. This will enable people to make better choices for their skin, taking into account how their mental health is influencing their complexions. 

For example, if your acne has been flaring up and you’ve also been extremely stressed lately, the two are likely linked. In addition to using the right topical products to deal with the acne, psychodermatology will also encourage you to work on lowering your stress levels. This, in turn, will reduce inflammation in your body, having the knock-on effect of keeping the appearance of acne at bay.

8. Habit Stacking

Habit stacking is a psychological strategy that makes it much easier to build healthy new habits. It can be integrated into just about any aspect of your life, including your skincare routine.

So, what exactly is it? 

Habit stacking involves pairing a new habit with an old habit. Say, for example, you often forget to carry out your morning skincare routine, yet you never fail to brew yourself a cup of coffee before you begin each day. Stack these two habits together by applying your morning skincare products while your coffee is being brewed, or while you’re drinking it. Do this for long enough and it will soon become second nature, meaning that you won’t ever forget about your morning skincare routine again!

9. Menopausal Skincare

While there are plenty of skincare products out there designed for those who are going through the hormonal changes that accompany puberty, there haven’t been quite as many created for women who are undergoing another big hormonal shift; menopause.

During menopause, the skin can change dramatically. It becomes significantly thinner, drier, and weaker. Many women continue using their regular skincare products during this time, not realizing that their skin needs something a little different.

Fortunately, skincare companies have caught on to this and are now creating formulas specifically for this period in life. They focus on hydration and thickening the feel of the skin barrier. This gives women an easy way to care for their skin while they’re undergoing all of those hormonal fluctuations.


Clear skin can be difficult to achieve, which is why it’s always worth looking into the many different paths that can take you to the complexion of your dreams. The skincare trends that we’ve shared above are a great place to start. Try incorporating some of them into your skincare routine and clear skin won’t be far away!

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